Bible study sessions are obviously great for learning more about the Bible and the Lord’s promises to us. You get to study passages that you might not otherwise study on your own. This study is done under the tutelage and supervision of a knowledgeable member of the clergy or a teacher that has been through some type of religious education. However, Bible study classes provide several other benefits beyond reading and studying the Word in a classroom setting, and free refreshments.

Socialization and Worship

The Bible calls us to worship with others. Bible study sessions allow us to do just that. A good Bible study group allows you to get together with your peers that are of similar ages or interests as you. You get to dive into a passage of scripture, learn what it means and how you can apply it to your daily life. You also have the opportunity to make friends with other study participants and find individuals that you can spend time with outside of Bible study and regular Sunday worship services.

Deeper Understanding

Bible study classes are more than just memorization of Bible verses and coffee afterwards. In Bible study, the group leader will choose a passage of scripture for the group to study. You will get deeper insight into what that passage means. You also get tips and advice on how you can apply that scripture to your own life, to give you a fuller life with a Godly focus. In addition, you can discuss the scripture passage with other group participants, and get some insights and other views that you might not have gotten by studying the Bible in a solitary setting with just your favorite cup of coffee for company.


Studying the Bible can be intimidating, especially for new believers. Joining a Bible study group will give you a ready-made group of mentors that can help you find your way around the Bible. These mentors will help you find meaning in the scriptures, and help you see the plan that God has for your life. And let’s face it, no one wants to be “that guy” that is flipping through the Bible during Sunday services, trying to find the particular book and chapter that the pastor is delivering the message from, while everyone else in the congregation found it right away. Bible study classes give you familiarity with the Bible so you know how to find what you need without continually flipping to the index pages. 

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