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Rebuilding Trust And Faith – Tips For Gaining Trust From A Congregation

With life becoming increasingly complicated and the turmoils of modern society becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, many people are returning to their church and looking for guidance. While there is a strong desire for help, many people hesitate to trust their church because scandals and unfortunate behavior have weakened the moral authority that is desperately craved.

Pastor Jim Bolin was one of these leaders who faced severe challenges. After an accusation of an improper relationship with a member of his congregation, Pastor Bolin found himself trying to rebuild that trust and reestablish his leadership and authority. If you find yourself facing these challenges, you’ll find a guide below to building strong relationships with your flock and increasing your moral authority.

Avoid Dilution

Many church leaders feel pressure to weaken the impact of their sermons or try to strongly relate to their congregations. However, while this temptation may be strong, it should be avoided if you want to rebuild the trust that may be lacking in your relationship with your congregants.

A reliance on a strong, stable message will show the members of your church that you are committed to scripture while also highlighting your credibility as a leader in the faith. Too much weakening of your message will, obviously, make it come out weak, and will leave your church members looking elsewhere for explanations and guidance.

Utilize Technology

Some church leaders are uncomfortable with the role technology has in today’s daily life, and may be unfamiliar with strategies for connecting with people and spreading information that are increasingly common. Indeed, social media and other communication tools can allow you to connect to your congregation every day and keep your message strong.

This use of technology will also provide the impression that you are a church leader who understands the ins and outs of everyday life. This will allow you to avoid the appearance of being old fashioned or uninformed, and will help church goers trust that your method really does have an application to their trials and tribulations.

Maintain Consistency

The worst thing that a church leader can do while trying to reestablish his or her credibility is appear to be inconsistent. While it may be tempting to carve out exceptions for your own sins and flaws, it’s important that your congregants recognize that you accept blame for your actions. Once this blame is accepted and acknowledged, it will be much easier for you to be trusted, and your message will sink in much more easily.

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4 Ways To Maintain Your Happiness

If you feel as if happiness is eluding you, then it may mean that you need to make more of an effort. Happiness takes effort, because problems will always occur in life. If your happiness is dependent on the circumstances around you and not your faith in the fact that you can face and overcome any situation, then you are likely to be continuously lacking in joy. The following are some good ways to maintain your happiness.

Volunteer Your Time

Helping others is one of the best ways you can stay happy. There are so many people out there who could use your time and talent. Take an inventory of your talents and interests. You are likely to find that you can help someone or even an organization in your spare time. Giving joy and happiness to others is one of the best ways to receive it.

Become More Positive

If you find negativity creeping into your thoughts from time to time, then you should start working immediately to eliminate it. Negativity is one of the biggest thieves of happiness. It takes just as much energy for you to be negative about a situation as it does for you to stay positive about it. A good way for you to stay positive is to start saying affirmations daily. An affirmation is a positive statement that you make to yourself to counteract your negative feelings. An excellent way to do this is to write down positive thoughts and repeat them to yourself in the mirror constantly.

Read Uplifting Books

Go to a bookstore and start browsing the spiritual and inspirational category. You could even do this from home by browsing a site like You are sure to find something there that will appeal to you. Pick up some motivational bestsellers and go home and read through them. This will help you to become inspired by what others have gone through and overcome. This is especially useful if you are feeling as if you are all alone in your problems. Reading books like these will undoubtedly cause you to begin seeing your problems more as learning opportunities, and this will put you back on the road to happiness.

Look Back

Go back in your mind’s eye to some of the problems you have faced in life. Some of them may have seemed insurmountable at the time, but now that you have overcome them those mountains have become mole hills. If you have overcome in the past, you can do it again. The same spirit of survival is still inside you and will help you through anything. This thought should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you become tempted to lose your joy in a difficult situation.

Your happiness is one of the keys to a healthy life. You should make every effort to maintain it at all times no matter what your circumstances.

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